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Who's behind Soil to Stove?

Put simply, we are a community of writers who share a love of good quality, healthy, tasty food, sustainably farmed in accordance with true ecological principles. When we saw the boxes being delivered to our Danish neighbours, curiosity got the better of us, and that's how we discovered Aarstiderne.

The delivery of crates full of seasonal and fresh organic produce was one of Denmark's best kept secrets and so we decided to create this blog to open the world of Aarstiderne to English speakers too.

In a nutshell...

Katherine Ball 

Global trottings -  mix of British and Egyptian, married to a Canadian, has lived in the UK, Canada and now Denmark
Neighbourhood - Østerbro
Latte or Cappuccino? - Cappuccino
Sweet or savoury? - the first taste of the day decides
Favourite season - winter for the snow, spring for the promise of sunshine, summer for the seaside and autumn for its falling leaves
iPod's most played - Adele
Favourite movie - Gone with the Wind for the greatest heroine of all time, Scarlett O'Hara, her spiritedness and her courage founded on the simple belief that 'tomorrow is another day'.
Whisk me away to ... a (sunny and warm) desert island
Denmark's hidden gem is ... its dramatic weather - there's nothing like watching a summer storm come in across the water
Last meal would have to be ... al fresco, with something cooked on a grill and ending with ice cream
I love Aarstiderne for ... introducing me to local produce
Follow Katherine's Danish adventure at www.thesesublimedays.blogspot.com

Sally McWilliam

Global trotting - Long ago a girl from London sat next to a Norwegian boy on a plane in Canada and hasn't been home since, can currently be found in Copenhagen
Neighbourhood - Sollerød
Latte or Cappuccino? Latte
Sweet or savoury? Savoury
Favourite season - Late spring and summer for the bright sunshine and return to colour following the dark winter months. 
iPod's most played - Foster the People, to remind me of our autumn in the States 
Favourite movie - Before Sunrise... sigh
Whisk me away to ... somewhere warm and sunny with my family for good food and roads where I can run
Denmark's hidden gem is ... there are many but my own favourite is the Reprise cinema in Holte with its chandeliers and reclining red velvet seats, oh so civilised
Last meal would have to be ... a crunchy crisp apple 
I love Aarstiderne for ... the abundance of fresh produce and the community days at the farm
Read more about Sally's Denmark at www.scandineighbour.com

Isabella Mousavizadeh Smith

Global trottings - exotic blend of Danish and Iranian, married to a Dane, has lived in Holland, Iran, US, Hong Kong and now back home in Denmark
Neighbourhood - Hellerup
Latte or cappuccino? Latte
Sweet or savoury? Savoury
Favourite season? Spring when we come out of the darkness of winter and the trees and flowers bloom
iPod's most played? Music that moves me - literally when I'm running or cycling
Favourite movie? When Harry Met Sally - its quick witted but with a lovely story
Whisk me away to ... San Francisco for a meal with my family and friends
Denmark's best kept secret is ... the southern part of Fyn
Last meal would have to be ... a brunch, the perfect mix of sweet and savoury
I love Aarstiderne for ...  its fantastic meal boxes
Find out more about Isabella's passion at: www.booksandcompany.dk

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How do you say it?

How do you say it?