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At the heart of Aarstiderne's business are the 'Boxes' of fresh organic produce delivered to households across Denmark and Sweden. Why not join the 45,000 homes that already enjoy fresh organic seasonal food brought to their doorstep? There are a range of boxes; some offer just fresh produce, others provide the ingredients and recipes for tasty healthy meals. The menu is developed by Aarstiderne's own chefs. The boxes are sold individually or you can sign up for regular deliveries. And, of course, they come in different sizes to meet the needs of every type of household.

To order a box or sign up for regular delivery, follow the links to the relevant pages of the Aarstiderne website (in Danish). Alternatively, you can call Aarstiderne and order in English on 70 26 00 66. Lines are open Mon (9 am to 4 pm) and Tues - Fri (9 am to 5 pm).

Here are the boxes in summary:

Fruit boxes or 'Frugtkasser'

These range from a 99 DKK Fruit bag, containing 3 different kinds of fruit and suitable for 1-2 people, to a box costing 342 DKK, containing 70-75 pieces of organic fruit. Mixed boxes can also be purchased that contain 10 kg of organic fruit and vegetables - Green boxes.

Vegetable boxes or 'Grøntkasser'

The smallest of these costs 118 DKK and contains 5-6 different types of vegetables (except potatoes). The biggest box costs 261 DKK and contains 8-12 different kinds of vegetables and is suitable for 5-6 people.

Mixed boxes or 'MixKasser'

As the name suggests, these boxes contain mixes of organic seasonal fruit, vegetables and groceries and range in price from 208 - 313 DKK. The smallest is enough for just 1 person, with the biggest catering for 4-6 people. These boxes also include recipes. 

Meal boxes or 'Maltidskasser'

These boxes are the jewels of the Aarstiderne crown - whether you live alone, in a couple or in a family there is a meal box for you. Each contains fresh organic ingredients and recipes so you can start cooking the minute the box is delivered. The names speak for themselves: Green boxes of locally inspired, climate-friendly dishes; Quick boxes of meals that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes; Chef's boxes with everyday meals; Favourite boxes with meals that kids will love and World boxes with more exotic and spicy dishes. These boxes range in price from 310 DKK to 625 DKK.

Fish and Meat boxes or 'Fisk og kød'

A fish or meat box can be ordered separately to supplement the vegetable boxes. The fish is delivered in styrofoam boxes and packed with ice to stay fresh. Obviously, the produce on offer changes every day. These boxes range in price from 99 DKK to 265 DKK.

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  1. Great my friends you are doing a good thing to this planet.

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