If you are an existing Aarstiderne customer with a question or if you have browsed and tried to use the Danish Aarstiderne website but something wasn't clear, please do get in touch and we will try to help. After all, if you don't ask, you won't know!

You can leave your comments here at Soil to Stove, on the Aarstiderne facebook page or you can contact Aarstiderne (70 26 00 66) or send an email to info@aarstiderne.com.

Is all the produce in the boxes organic?
Yes, all produce is organic save for fish, which is not farmed but caught in the wild.

How often are the boxes delivered?
When you sign up for a subscription, boxes can be delivered every week, every fortnight or every three or four weeks. You can decide.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?
No, you can be an Aarstiderne customer without a subscription. Simply call customer service on 70 26 00 66 or email info@aarstiderne.com with your order. If you are an existing customer and you would like to buy produce other than your subscription, you can log onto your account page on the Aarstiderne website and shop online for other items.

How long does the subscription last?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by calling Aarstiderne on 70 26 00 66 or by sending an email to info@aarstiderne.com. The latest time for cancelling a delivery is up to 2 days before the date the delivery is due. 

Can I suspend my subscription if I am going travelling?
If you go on holiday and want to suspend your subscription then that is fine too, just be sure to let Aarstiderne know at least 2 days before the first delivery that you want to cancel it and when you want it to restart.

Can I make changes to my subscription?
Yes, you can make changes to your subscription - deadlines for making changes depend upon your delivery schedule. You can check here.

What time are the boxes delivered?
All boxes are delivered between 02:00 and 17:00. You don't have to be home, they are left outside your front door.

How is the produce delivered?
The 'boxes' are in fact wooden crates that can easily be stacked. Chilled produce is delivered in insulating styrofoam boxes that fit within the crates.

What do I do with the empty crates?
Aarstiderne recycles the crates and so leave them out on your doorstep before the next delivery and the driver will collect them if he has room. If the driver doesn't have room for them, hang on to them until the next delivery.

Where are the boxes delivered if I live in an apartment block?
If you live in an apartment block with a locked main entrance, then Aarstiderne can still deliver the boxes to your front door but the driver will need a key to your block (not your front door key). Call Aarstiderne on 70 26 00 66 for instructions of how and where to send a copy of your key.
If one of your neighbours in the same apartment block is already an Aarstiderne customer, you may not need to send another key. Call 70 26 00 66 and find out.

What do I do if an item in my box is bad?
You will not be charged for any produce that is bad when it is delivered to you. Simply call Aarstiderne on 70 26 00 66 or send an email to info@aarstiderne.com and identify the problem. Your bill will be credited.

Be assured that Aarstiderne pack all the boxes by hand and every effort is made to check the produce for quality control. However, sometimes mistakes happen or things might be damaged in transit. In those instances, customers are reimbursed.

If you still have unanswered questions, we'd love to hear from you.

(Katherine Ball)

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