Friday 30 December 2011

Kids in the kitchen

Children can easily join you in the kitchen. And, with supervision, they can even
use kitchen appliances from 5 years of age. Make it a habit to involve your kids
with specific tasks when you prep food, cook and wash. This way, children develop
a good understanding of food and where it comes from and a natural desire to
eat the results if they are involved in the cooking process. All the while, you will
also have spent valuable time with your ​​children - incredibly, one of the major shortcomings in today's families. Our children are aged 5 to 22 and they can all 
cook. Molly at 5 is able to make a bread dough from scratch, chop vegetables,
peel potatoes and there's a whole lot more she does with snacks in her own kitchen.
Research from DPU has shown that it is through projects like our own Garden to Tummy that children get their first encounter with culinary craftsmanship.
The gardens are all about cooking with 10,000 meals per year for children.
Everything from potato soup to wok dishes - and the interesting thing is that they
eat it all. They get to use real kitchen tools, like sharp knives (under supervision)
and it is essential that they do. When children feel that they are being taken
seriously, they feel that what they are doing is valuable. So, start straight away and
let your kids into the kitchen. It may be tiring at the end of a long stressful
work day, but the energy that you give your children when you spend time together
in the kitchen, you get back tenfold. Remember, of course, to watch the
boiling water and sharp objects - always supervise.

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