Sunday 10 June 2012

'An office out in the open fields'

Here's what some of the team at Krogerup have to say about working for Aarstiderne (and why a salamander sighting is a good thing!):


Jacob Dietz

 Role: HR manager
Best expression you've come across? "WYSIWYG - What you see, is what you get. Today it is the fundamental principle of communication at Aarstiderne and it makes it a whole lot easier."
Favourite vegetable? "Lemon - with lobster and mayo and sunshine!"

Thomas Nielsen
Role: Pathfinder and leader of Haver til Maver
What is Haver til Maver? "It is Aarstiderne's school service where every year we have 15,000 children visit the farm and grow their own garden, experience nature and make food. Many adults come too as they are also fascinated by horticulture."
Why are you here on the farm? "Because here there is the freedom to have a great idea, bring people on board and see the idea come to life."
Favourite animal? "Salamanders. When there are salamanders living in our wetlands, its a sign that nature is doing well."

Peter Laxdal

Role: Pathfinder at Haver til Maver
What's fun about teaching children? "Its fun to feel the thrill when children are outdoors or cooking over an open fire. There's just excitement and joy across the board."
Do you grow your own vegetables? "I grow herbs and berries on my plot in Værløse"
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Even more of a farmer!"

Vibeke Ankjær Axværd

Role: Customer service
Favourite fruit? "I prefer sour fruits: lemon, oranges, cherries and strawberries"
Why Aarstiderne? "I raved about the place for ages and I wanted to work in a modern company. I expected that I would work in a place where 'what they said' and 'what they did' were not far apart. Aarstiderne is that place."

Mette Andersen

Role: Team leader communication and marketing
Favourite vegetable: "Artichoke, because it looks so utterly beautiful and tastes fantastic."
Why Aarstiderne? "It was not meant to be that I should have any other job, the farm was amazing and it has become what it is.."

Charlie Thyboe
Role: Customer service
What do you contribute most to Aarstiderne? "I bring a good working culture, by being nice to customers and a good colleague".
Why Aarstiderne? "The location, the colleagues and because I have a job that gives me energy and makes me happy when I go home to my family".

Thomas Hess Nielsen

Role: Meals manager with responsibility for Aarstidernes kitchen, events and products. 
Favourite task? "I like putting together what is going in the boxes each week and influencing what lands on Denmark's dining tables"
Why Aarstiderne? "Here I can combine my skills as a facilitator and as a chef and I like beautiful vegetables."

Jesper Rendtorff 

Role: Project manager with responsibility for corporate entertainment
Favourite vegetable? "Tomato. Tomato salad is the food of kings!"
Strangest experience at Aarstiderne? "Having a party with 120 people and the well running out of water! Luckily it was a party for engineers and so we quickly got water again!"

Lone Kaalby 
Role: Customer service
Why Aarstiderne? ”It makes sense to work in a company that is growing, where the product is sustainable and that is linked to my passions for fine ingredients and a healthy lifestyle. Yes and I also love to eat and at Aarstiderne there are great lunches!"
…and the farm? "I enjoy the surroundings every day – really Morten Korch…."
Family's favourite vegetable? ”Most of them and carrots - we get through those in a big way"

Lone Hvid 

Role: Responsible for farm sales at Krogerup Avlsgaard
What is it like to work at Aarstiderne? "It is a great pleasure to have an office out in the open fields”
Are you going to be a farmer when you grow up: ”I don't know whether I'll ever grow up - but I would like to keep on working with organic produce."

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