Friday 22 June 2012

Sankt Hans: Something for the Weekend

It has felt like pretty much the longest day of the year today, the first of the children’s summer holiday. We are all tired and ready for the long weeks ahead, lazy days in each others company exploring Denmark and it’s surrounding neighbours. The morning began as usual with an early dash to pick up and then deposit children at a fantastic art program, swiftly followed by the first trip of the day to the airport. Added to this were the jobs that come when leaving children in the care of their grandparents for the weekend plus the collection of a tuxedo and the now utterly covered in paint children.

Exhausting yes, but only the beginning because I now write this post at 12:10 in my hotel room in Stockholm where I arrived two hours ago at the end of the very long day. Of course it isn’t actually the longest day of the year because that honour belongs to tomorrow and ‘Midsummer’s eve’. We are in Stockholm, in part for a Midsummer party of which I have heard much but have am yet to experience. I’ve seen videos but I believe it needs to be lived rather than watched and so there we go on our boat into the unknown at eight o'clock in the morning.
Were we not to be away then we would most certainly be joining the party at Aarstiderne, down at Krogerup farm. You of course are welcome to join the fun as everyone shares food, drink and dancing with the Abba Dancing Queen band. It promises to be a blast and I am quite sad to miss it, that might be because I am always sad to miss the delicious food but I don't think so. It will be a really 'cozy' evening with your Danish neighbours with the bonus of fabulously tasty food and drinks.

As I  now wrap up one very long day in preparation of tomorrow I look forward to embracing another Scandinavian tradition. I hope you have a wonderful evening wherever you may be and we'd love to see some pictures of your celebrations here at Soil to Stove.

Entrance is free
Beer is from 25kr
Drinks from 60kr
Food is weighed by plate 1/2 kilo costs 55kr 

S McWilliam

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