Saturday 7 July 2012

A meeting of minds - Aarstiderne's pop-up shop

It's a match made in heaven. If you care about what you eat then you probably care about how it looks when you put it on the dinner table. On Wednesday mornings when I unload my Aarstiderne meal box, I always pause to soak up the aesthetic pleasure of seeing bunches of carrots, punnets of red tomatoes, jars of pesto and passata and purple green heads of lettuce vying for space on the shelves of my fridge. It always looks so colourful! And when a meal has been prepared, beautiful presentation only adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

Whether it is a herb planter, the strainer used to wash vegetables or a carafe for serving a fresh juice, good food and good design go hand in hand. It is therefore no surprise to have discovered the Aarstiderne pop-up shop in the design emporium, Normann, at their  Østerbro flagship store. For the month of July only, you can snap up your organic store cupboard favourites in the city and browse for stylish tableware and kitchen essentials at the same time.

And so, bottles of Aarstiderne's passata, sparkling apple drinks and cook books share shelf space with Normann herb stands, rubber washing up bowls and strainers and beautiful glass carafes.

It's wonderful to have you in the neighbourhood, Aarstiderne!!

Visit the Aarstiderne pop-up shop at Normann, 70 Østerbrogade, 2100 Copenhagen. Call 35 55 44 59 or visit for more details.

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How do you say it?