Saturday 21 July 2012

The Snack Pack and a big box of help/health...


As the final weeks of the school year drew near, one of the highlights of stopping for the summer, for me anyway, was the end of the packed lunch box. The responsibility to rustle up healthy, sustaining, robust meals that small children open gratefully at lunchtime can become a little tiring and by June I was ready for a change of culinary pace.
Of course having three small children around all day does not mean food production is slowed, quite the opposite in fact. There are the standard breakfast, lunch and dinner needs but there's something about being at home that makes my boys hungry and snack requests come through thick and fast. Unfortunately food shopping with them in tow is never a relaxing affair, far too many requests for sweeties and other sugar packed items and for me something to be avoided if at all possible. Which is why on the first Monday of the holiday I anxiously awaited the boxes of help that would be arriving fresh from Aarstiderne.
The box

Alongside the meal box that provides the ingredients for three meals each week (more on that another time). We also receive a large box of fruits and vegetables ready and waiting to be turned into delicious meals and snacks. Included in the box are plenty of apples, bananas, red peppers and carrots all of which are rather essential snacks for my children. Then there are the ‘fun’ addition’s in the form of plums, peaches and sometimes strawberries, I have to get to these first as they are prone to disappearing quicker than I can say “go out and play in the garden”. 
Berry and banana smoothie

Sa far we have turned bananas into smoothies of all varieties, mashed them into pancakes eaten with maple syrup, made banana bread for a picnic and frozen them whole on sticks to be coated with dark chocolate and chopped nuts.
Carrots are eaten by the dozen, held in warm pudgy fingers as they play in the grass, a perfect fast food.
The apple slicer and I are firm friends and between us can rustle up a bowl bursting with apples as well as carrots, cucumber and red pepper in scant minutes all to be swiped through peanut butter and tahini as a wholesome and filling stop gap or alongside a serving or two of protein for supper.
The possibilities are endless and actually quite fun seeing as the little ones love helping to cook, the food is always colourful, tasty and generally gratefully received. The box lasts us a good five days by which time the weekend is upon us and Friday night sweeties are the luxury they are meant to be, their blow softened in my mind by the healthiness that preceded. Roll on Monday, lets see what you will bring.

Written and photographed by Sally McWilliam.

We order  Den Grønne FrugtKasse 10 kg  for a family of five.

342 kr per box delivered to your door.
Fruit smoothie and banana pancake remnants!

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