Monday 26 March 2012

Aarstiderne welcomes HRH The Prince of Wales

“Soil is primeval, and a living organism – we must treasure it. At Highgrove, I have always practised the art of feeding the soil rather than the plant.” HRH The Prince of Wales 

The passion to produce healthy organic food, to transform the harvests of organic farming into delicious seasonal meals that is at the heart of Aarstiderne's values is shared around the world. One of the first to raise the profile of organic farming in the UK was HRH Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne.

The story began in the 1980s when the Prince moved to the Highgrove Estate in Gloucestershire, England, and sought to make his vision for a 'virtuous circle' a reality. The 'virtuous circle' would begin with a farm producing the highest quality crops by working in harmony with nature and the environment, using the best ingredients and added value through expert production. In those early days and before organic produce was as widely available as it is today, the Prince commissioned research to test whether such methods, organic farming, could be profitably sustained. Indeed, it was thought that they could and by feeding profits back into charity, the 'virtuous circle' was made.

Home Farm therefore rejected intensive farming methods and instead prized sustainable production with natural ingredients and traditional skills and received full organic status in 1996. 

By 1999 public demand for organic food was peaking and it was then that, here in Denmark, Aarstiderne delivered its first boxes of organic produce to Danish households. (Home Farm began a similar smaller scale box scheme a year later).


With this shared passion and the common desire to organically cultivate the soil and feast on the bounties of its harvest, it seems only fitting that during this week's royal visit to Denmark, HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall will be visiting the Aarstiderne farm at Barritskov in Jutland

To find out more, please visit the British Embassy's website or follow the royal visit via the Aarstiderne Twitter link above or the Embassy's Twitter feed.

Aarstiderne warmly welcomes
 Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall to Denmark

(Katherine Ball)

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