Friday 30 March 2012

Vegetable Garden: Something for the Weekend

"Remember sowing a seed in a small container, placing it in classroom window sill and running in each morning in eager anticipation of change and growth? For many of us city folks and many of our children that was our first encounter with a vegetable garden. The first time we realized where vegetables come from, the conditions under which they thrive and perhaps also a true appreciation and understanding for the time, effort and care that goes into planting, nurturing and harvesting what may end up on our plates. Ok, maybe not exactly the stuff we grew in the classrooms, but you know.....

Taking this a step further, Aarstiderne will be offering all children - and the young at heart - a chance to plant their very first, very own, organic vegetable garden, which can then be transported right back home and onto a windowsill. So come on up to Krogerup on April 1 for this and many other fun Easter Market activities."

Isabella Mousavizdeh Smith

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How do you say it?

How do you say it?