Friday 11 May 2012

Hot Chocolate: Something for the Weekend

Maybe it’s the Brit in me but my writing and I are inextricably linked to the weather, is it possible to even have a conversation without mentioning the weather? I do not think so!  Weather in all it’s different guises runs like a thread weaving together the meals I choose to prepare and of course the seasonal flavours that are so important. It also means that when it is cold outside I long for a hot drink to warm my insides or vice versa. 
On this May morning with the magnolia in full bloom, rain is falling with such steady conviction that we can only watch from the window as the magnificent tree is forced to shed it’s delicate leaves. It feels like a perfect moment for a warm drink and the most comforting one at that, Hot Chocolate. 

There is only one drinking chocolate that I use and that comes from Clipper, my favourite brand of tea from home. Clipper produce a range of fairtrade drinks sourced from around the world. This includes a large selection of tea as well as coffee and of course hot chocolate. Their tea is made using products free from artificial ingredients presented within unbleached tea bags. In fact  I think Clipper teas are so good that they were an essential item as I packed to leave England for life here in Denmark not knowing if I could buy them in our new country. Thankfully I can and best of all they will come to my house as and when I run out which is quite frankly much more economical than a flight home!
Aarstiderne have teamed up with Clipper to now offer a beverage box containing a selection of the Clipper range:

Instant coffee Papua New Guinea 100 g
Hot Chocolate 250 g
Indian Chai 20 tea bags
White tea with Orange 20 tea bags

195kr for all of the above products, click here to order or find out more.
The children are safely at school, it is still raining and I have just written this piece, there seems to be only one thing left to do. A warm soothing mug of milky sweet bitter chocolate, topped with a good helping of cream and a sprinkling of chocolate powder to finish. Now, I’ll find a good book, a quiet corner and settle down for an hour or two in view of the magnolia tree. The rain will make way to sun, for Summer is surely on it’s way...

Text and Photographs by Sally McWilliam.

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