Friday 4 May 2012

Summer Berries: Something for the Weekend

Crisp golden meringue with an outer shell that snaps in a satisfying fashion the minute you sink your teeth into the chewy fragrant inner, topped with lashings of freshly whipped vanilla speckled cream sitting proudly underneath a crown of bright jewel like fruits glistening in the sunlight. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries all jostling for position in an irresistible box of treasure. For me there is nothing more enjoyable at the end of a summer’s meal than such a dessert.
If we have plenty to go around the children and I place the spare fruits in the blender and with the addition of a little elderflower or honey, puree them into a thick healthy liquid perfect for freezing into homemade lolly’s. Last summer I found the most perfect old fashioned lolly moulds with which to recreate Enid Bylton style treats but I have to admit that the boys do not care for such details and check only to see if they are frozen before tucking in.

How about a delicious salad, fresh green leaves the perfect receptacle for a good creamy goats cheese accented by slices of strawberries and a light covering of black pepper. I could go on listing ideas as I really do love summer berries but that will just make us both hungry!
If however, I have awoken your desire for a strawberry or two then thankfully you are in the right place. Aarstiderne sells strawberries from the south western corner of Spain, close to the Donana National Park. They are cultivated by our skilled Spanish grower Juan Maria from Flor De Donana, working exclusively with organic products
The berries are hand picked, hand sorted and gently placed in trays. The varieties grown are called Sabrina and Sabrosa, which distinguish themselves by being both tasty and robust enough to stand the trip over to Denmark. Once transported back to Denmark they'll be ready to be delivered to your very home shortly afterwards.

There is of course another simpler way to enjoy the delicate taste of a ripe strawberry, a fragrant raspberry or tongue tingling blueberry. Whilst taking the pictures for this piece my toddler and I found it impossible not to sneak a taste of the sun warmed fruit as we worked. As his pink stained fingers finished the last of the jewels he looked at me and simply said “Yummy, Mummy”
He was right.
Click below to order straight to your door from Aarstiderne
Mixed berry box  99kr 

Text and Photographs by Sally McWilliam

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