Thursday 17 May 2012

An hour at the farm: Something for the Weekend

I took my ever inquisitive two year old son up to Krogerup on Tuesday for a stroll in the sunshine and to get some fresh inspiration for future writing. I realise that toddlers are not always the easiest of company but at the farm he is in his element and as soon the constraints of the car seat were released away we went. I decided to let him lead the way, sometimes the best inspiration comes from a different perspective and I was happy to follow his wandering path taking pictures as I went. 

There were lots of school children working when we arrived, busy creating a history with the soil as they worked alongside classmates and helping hands. Tempted by the sound of water at the sinks that were being used for hand washing, the little one and I made our way across the courtyard and into the Garden Kitchen. The first time my family used the Garden Kitchen was for an event that encouraged children to choose their favourite vegetables, collect a handful of bread dough and get to work on the outside tables chopping and prepping. Vegetables cooked on the repurposed steel drum stoves until they were tender and sweetly delicious and ready to be the topping on freshly toasted flatbread. Rustic, delicious and oh such proud faces on the children that cooked them.

There was no cooking that day as the school groups were busy cultivating rather than harvesting and it was great to see and hear their enthusiasm as they worked. As one of us was fascinated by the stone steps leading down to the sinks the other was able to take a wonder and some photographs, I’ll let you decide who was who! Planted around the central washing area are raised beds containing mixed herbs, chives, lemon verbena, lemon grass and many more. My companion was fascinated by a pair of ladybirds that we found resting on a leaf so we watched them for a while before taking a look at some of the long beds that are home to various fruits and vegetables, it’s all very inspiring and accessible.

From there to the giant hay piles that just beg small people to climb aboard, actually age is irrelevant when it comes to this kind of fun. We had a rigorous game of ‘tag’ at a brunch hosted earlier in the year with some friends and thanks to CrossFit and a heavy training schedule I leapt like an ( admittedly older) gazelle across the bales remembering what it feels like to be a child. This time one of us jumped repeatedly whilst the other counted to three, again I’ll let you decide who. 

Before we left we stuck our heads into the farm kiosk to see what we could have for dinner and left with enough vegetables for some topped flatbreads later that day. Although it is not staffed, the kiosk is open all day and once you have chosen your goods you place payment in the honesty box so it is a perfect one stop veg shop.

A very satisfying hour or so spent wondering, exploring and enjoying the farm. If you have more time than we did that day is it possible to go further and take in a tour of the wood and surrounding fields which are often home to the farm machinery that excites children old and young. I left with lots of inspiration and pictures to accompany but I thought this week I would start at the beginning and a walk through the space that gave them to me, after all the roots are where it all begins. 

For more information on the farm shop opening hours click here

If you haven't yet been to visit the farm at Krogerup or tasted the delicious farm kitchen cooking and baking then the launch party for Soil to Stove on 27 May 2012, will be the perfect opportunity. This will be the official launch event for this blog and the CEO of Aarstiderne, Annette Hartvig Larsen, will be there to welcome English speaking guests with an introduction to the farm and a warm invitation to join the celebrations at the Pinsemarked which will be taking place on the same day.
Find out more here - we look forward to meeting you!!

Text and Photographs by Sally McWilliam

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  1. I never knew about this ! Sounds wonderful, thank you for sharing !


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