Sunday 29 April 2012

An Aarstiderne phone app? Great idea, why not?

Did you know that there are plans to bring an Aarstiderne app to your phone? Yes, we can't give you a timeframe yet but behind the scenes the farm's techno-whizzes are working hard to put together an app that will let Aarstiderne's customers manage their accounts 'on the move': change subscription, get news about what will be in the next week's box etc etc.

This is just one of the customer requests that has come from the Aarstiderne's ideas' forum and that has resulted in action. On the forum customers can share their suggestions about what they think should be in the boxes and what they think would improve service. Ideas are put forward and opened up to comment from other customers and feedback from Aarstiderne.

You'd be amazed at what some customers have come up with: what about a box specially designed for new mothers still adapting to the changes in lifestyle that a new baby brings and needing extra rich nutritional food whilst breastfeeding? Or a box for someone who is housebound because of an accident? Or a box of champagne, bread and cheese to say 'Congratulations'? What about an sms/text-message the day before your delivery to remind you to put last week's crates out for collection?

Some ideas are very popular and they take off: later in May, Aarstiderne will be introducing a fruit and vegetable box just for juicing (together with recipes for delicious smoothies, of course!) and the great ideas for a snack bag with chocolate, nuts and dried fruit are under review. Aarstiderne's marketing team are also closing following the requests for a dessert box and want to hear from sweet toothed customers what kinds of treats they would like to see delivered to their door!

If you've got a good idea for something you would like to see added to the boxes or for a new box altogether, then join the ideas forum. Follow this link and add your comments in English or simply enter your idea in the box where it says 'indtast din idé'.

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