Friday 13 April 2012

Cold Pressed Apple: Something for the Weekend

This week the first blossom flowers started poking their way out from the dense armor of their apple tree home in our garden. Like butterfly wings their fragile petals unfurl as they venture into the air until the whole tree is completely covered in white flowers, a canopy of promise.
Through the summer months we watch as the flowers leave behind buds, hundreds of them among the branches. The strongest of which keep growing until the leaves are punctuated with bright jewel like fruits just waiting to be picked and enjoyed. Denmark is host to many apple varieties and there are indeed many ways in which to enjoy this humble yet delicious fruit.

We at Aarstiderne are very happy to be able to share with you Cold Pressed Danish apple juice from our grower, Henning Brook. Cold pressing releases the great taste of 100% pure, undiluted apple juice. The apples are mashed and then pressed so that every drop of liquid is extracted, this ‘must’ is then filtered.
Henning carefully selects the apples and checks the taste of the must regularly to ensure that it has just the right fullness and flavor. The blend we offer consists of several different varieties, which ensures the right balance between sweetness, flavor and acid. A great accompaniment to the table and a wonderful taste of Denmark.

3 boxes of Henning Brook's apple juice are available to order directly to your door for 79kr
Visit the link below to order 

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How do you say it?