Friday 27 April 2012

Gin and Tonic: Something for the Weekend

This morning the rain greeted the day with a gentle drumming on the window as it has done on and off for the past week. It has been wet and although that is doing wonders for the garden and all that dwells within I have to say that I can’t wait for summer to begin in earnest. 

For all those glorious day’s that demand supper in the garden accompanied by the sound of birdsong and children’s laughter. An evening table full of tempting salad’s still bursting with the scent and taste of the sun. The barbeque summoning one and all to the table with the promise of succulent, crisp, smokey meats and a residual heat to warm once the last of the sun has long disappeared. Then finally a good Gin and Tonic, for it is the drink to which we turn most often throughout the summer as an aperitif and for me a taste that summons up nostalgia in a sip.
First I like to chose the tallest glass and fill it with ice, the sound of the cubes falling into the glass never fails to satisfy. Next the lemon, unwaxed. A slice or two, never more. I tuck one slice into the ice cubes that will embrace the flavours as they melt then another on top so the smell of lemon immediately hits my nose when I take a sip. Gin to taste. Finally, tonic water that naturally jostles the ingredients together in a combination first created for the armies of the East India Trading Company in the last century.

Aarstiderne is very proud to announce the arrival this spring of the Gin and Tonic box containing Fionia, a Danish Gin distilled in a Micro brewery in Funen. Fionia-Ørbæk distillery has worked tirelessly to create a drink using the pure spirits of herbs, spices and fruits and the result is a tantalizing taste experience beyond the ordinary. Accompanied by Natural Light Tonic Water from the Ørbæk distillery, who are well known for their soft drinks and beers that are created using only organic ingredients. 
The box costs 445,00 kr and for this you will receive a 70cl bottle of Fionia Gin and 12 bottles of Natural Light Tonic water handily delivered straight to your door. Click here for more details

We shall certainly be ordering a box in anticipation of the summer that is to come, If I close my eyes tightly, I imagine that it is not rain against glass that I can hear but ice falling into a glass as the sun shrouds my shoulders in warmth.... mmmm Cheers!

Sally McWilliam

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