Friday 20 April 2012

Pizza: Something for the Weekend

During the working week when we bounce from one day to another with schedules bursting with travel, meetings and school activities it can be a little hard to maintain routine and family tradition. Quiet times together are so important which is why on the Thursday afternoon drive home my children are eagerly asking their most favourite rhetorical question of all, "Is it movie night tomorrow?".

Movie night is the same each week, we like it that way, as soon as the front door has closed my job is to start preparing the pizza's that always always accompany whatever film we have chosen for the evening. I'd like to say that the children wait patiently as I prepare the meal but that is not quite the case so alongside the pizza's I prepare copious amounts of carrot sticks and other brightly colored vegetables, super healthy and handy for nibbling on.

I don't know about you but by Friday evening I am pretty worn out, children can have that effect, so I am extremely grateful to be able to buy the most delicious pizza dough ready to unroll from Aarstiderne. The pizza and tart dough box provides us with two pizza bases as well as two tart pastry bases that we either use during the weekend or that can pop into the freezer ready for another day. The bases are produced by the French bakery Les Delices in Brittany and are very popular with those in the know.

Simply pre heat the oven, (I always use a pizza stone that stays in the heat whilst the oven warms up). Choose your toppings, our favourites include ham and pineapple for the boys and roasted tomato with extremely fresh mozzarella, parma ham and rocket for the grown up's. My method is to top the base with a good tomato sauce and any toppings that need heating plus the cheese, carefully place on the hot stone and bake for ten to fifteen minutes. When the dough has risen slightly and the crust is good enough to bite I remove the pizza from the oven and top with the rocket leaves and parma ham. Delicious, quick and extremely convenient.

Tonight the ritual will continue, there'll be a film for the family and we'll enjoy fresh homemade pizza together while the working week melts away just like every mouthful of soft comforting mozzarella. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

The pizza and tart dough box costs 99kr and can be ordered at your convenience here

Or alternatively call 70 26 00 66 to speak to someone at Aarstiderne directly.


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