Wednesday 11 April 2012

For the sake of the planet ...

Allan Savory on Erosion and Carbon bonding

Allan Savory was in Denmark recently to visit us. Mr Savory is unique in his thinking about how the planet should protect its resources and carbon bonding for the benefit of the entire globe.

He believes that 80% of the earth's land is better suited to animal pasture rather than the ploughing and cultivating of annual crops. During the last decade up to 40 million hectares of land have followed Mr Savory's principles.

But it's a surreal concept if you think about farming in Denmark, apart from in conservative and historical terms, we are meant to plough. Mr Savory's theory is based upon ensuring that livestock do not graze too hard on the land but that it has time to recover.

Letting the land recover results in anti-erosion, the carbon bonding This method is known as "Holistic Planned Grazing".

It was Thomas Harttung who had a visit from Allan Savory, he has been experimenting with these theories on Barritskov since Spring 2011. My ears simply perked up when I heard Allan talking about his experiences.


[Translated by Katherine Ball from an original post by Søren Ejlersen's on Køkkenblog]

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How do you say it?