Friday 6 April 2012

International flavour: Something for the Weekend

France: Cheese and grapes

Last year the Sydney International Food Festival hired an ad agency to create a series of images to represent the different countries around the world. Their concept? Create each national flag from that nations more traditional cuisine. Hot dogs from America, rice with curry from India, tuna sushi from Japan, they look fantastic and inspired us to get thinking.

Australia: Meat Pie

Here are some suggestions from the Danish readers of Aarstiderne's Facebook page for their flag the Dannebrog.

"pureed beetroot with pureed parsnip"

"red and white cabbage"

"strawberries with cream"

"Smørrebrød with roast beef and horseradish"

Japan: Tuna with rice

We'd absolutely love to hear suggestions for your own flags, we must be able to cover many countries between us. Please send in your answers or, if you have an especially creative moment, a picture of the finished product that we can share with all the readers of Soil to Stove.

Italy: basil, pasta and tomato

To get the ball rolling here is my own offering. The 17th of May is Norwegian National day and so last year to celebrate I made a Norwegian flag from red berries,blue berries, pastry and custard. A family event that the children thoroughly enjoyed and it was indeed they who chose the ingredients for our flag, a case of enlightened self interest!  

Norway: summer berries with vanilla cream

Have a wonderfully creative weekend


Great Britain: Scone with fruit jam and cream

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